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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from each of the books below:

1.  Chapter 3 - From Waste Stream to Food and Feed Additives from Agricultural Biocatalysis: Theoretical Studies and Photosynthesis Aspects Edited By Peter Jeschke, Evgeni B. Starikov

2.  Chapter 1 - Metagenomics as a Tool to Isolate New Enzymes from Agricultural Biocatalysis: Enzymes in Agriculture and Industry Edited By Peter Jeschke, Evgeni B. Starikov

3.  Chapter 8 - Food and Feed Safety Considerations for Gene-Edited from Agricultural Biocatalysis: Biological and Chemical Applications Edited By Peter Jeschke, Evgeni B. Starikov

4.  Chapter 6 - Synthesis of Bioactive Peptides from Pharmaceutical Biocatalysis: Fundamentals, Enzyme Inhibitors, and Enzymes in Health and Diseases Edited By Peter Grunwald

5. Chapter 6 - Synthesis of Antioxidants via Biocatalysis from Pharmaceutical Biocatalysis: Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Edited By Peter Grunwald

6. Chapter 1 - Fermentative Production of Vitamin B6 from Pharmaceutical Biocatalysis: Drugs, Genetic Diseases, and Epigenetics Edited By Peter Grunwald

7. Chapter 4 - Advancing Phospholipase D Enzymes as Diverse Drug from Pharmaceutical Biocatalysis: Important Enzymes, Novel Targets, and Therapies Edited By Peter Grunwald

8. Chapter 12 - A Case Study L-Phenylalanine Oxidase from How Enzymes Work: From Structure to Function By Haruo Suzuki