Social emotional learning (SEL) is an essential aspect of education that helps individuals develop the skills and behaviors necessary to live a happy and successful life. With SEL, individuals can learn how to manage their emotions, set and achieve goals, show empathy towards others, build and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

But what exactly is SEL and how did it come about? The concept of SEL was first introduced in 1987 through the New Haven Social Development Program, and was further developed by the CASEL organization in 1994. Today, SEL is recognized globally as a crucial component of education, with many countries including it in their national education policies.

Don't just take our word for it — research has demonstrated the positive impact of SEL, including improved academic achievement, reduced problem behaviors, and increased social and emotional skills. By incorporating SEL into your instruction in a meaningful and engaging way, you can help prepare young learners beyond childhood education through to their adult life where they may navigate challenges in areas such as parenting, relationships and career advancement.

Learn Practical Strategies for Teaching Social Emotional Learning

As a leading resource in K-12 education, our books are trusted by teachers and leaders across the country for their depth of knowledge and practical approach. Drawing on the expertise of some of the most well-respected leaders in the field, these books provide a solid foundation for professional development at all stages of your career.

Our selection of titles specifically focuses on the important topic of social emotional learning, offering a range of strategies and techniques for teaching self-awareness, mindfulness and emotional intelligence in the classroom. These skills are vital for academic and personal success — and our books provide the guidance you need to develop this vital area of student learning. So, without further ado, here are our top picks for books on social emotional learning.

The Everyday SEL Series

The Everyday SEL series by educational consultant Carla Tantillo Philibert is a great resource for teachers who want to learn more about the importance of social emotional learning and how it can be implemented in their classrooms. These books explore the impact that SEL competencies have on students' academic success and teach you how to develop your own SEL skills.

The books include practical advice on topics like self-awareness and mindfulness — from breathwork exercises to yoga and meditation. They also offer a variety of strategies for building students' self-esteem and confidence, as well as effective ways to handle stress and conflict resolution. Moreover, the books are broken down by grade level, so you can design a curriculum that’s relevant, practical and engaging.

More Social Emotional Learning Resources by Routledge

The field of SEL is rapidly evolving, and more resources are becoming available to educators, parents and administrators. Below you can find information about the latest publications and resources to help you integrate SEL into your classroom or school.

Student and Teacher Wellness

Creating an environment of compassion, kindness and inclusion is not only a way to help students thrive but also a pathway to wellness for teachers. This section provides information about how to foster a school culture that supports teacher and student well-being. Each of these resources explores the topic from a different angle, including creative advice for bonding, the ethical and legal implications of working with students that suffer from anxiety, focusing on gratitude and strategies for educating leaders of tomorrow.

Gifted Students

Based on empirical research and theoretical frameworks, these books provide a clear and practical guide to understanding gifted students — enabling teachers to help these students achieve their full potential. They include findings from research on the nature of giftedness and how it manifests itself in children's lives, strategies for identifying gifted students and meeting their needs and guidelines for creating a classroom environment that supports high-achieving learners.

In addition, practitioners can find over 50+ hours of instruction and critical-thinking activities that address one or more of the National Association for Gifted Children's standards, as well as insights from experienced teachers and administrators who have successfully implemented those strategies.

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