Good Books to Read: Stimulate Your Mind

Do you want to learn about a new topic or learn a new language? Take your first step by checking out our must read collections! Taylor and Francis has thousands of nonfiction books to read on almost every subject, including all of the essentials for those who may be just be dabbling in a particular topic. From Music to Poverty, Anxiety, Cloning, and even the Meaning of Life. Get a brain boost and expand your mind with these series.


Feed your curiosity with these series:

On Loyalty book cover

Thinking in Action

Get answers on the many nuances of the human condition such as loyalty, anxiety, delusion, and more with this series.

Psychological Types book cover

Routledge Classics

This series contains our classics on various fundamental topics.

The Psychology of Happiness book cover

Psychology of Everything

Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by psychology. Explore the psychological perspectives of sex, politics, happiness, and much more.

Philosophy of Mind: The Basics book cover

The Basics

The Basics is a highly successful series of accessible guidebooks which provide an overview of the fundamental principles of a subject area in a jargon-free and undaunting format.

Colloquial Portuguese: The Complete Course for Beginners book cover

Colloquial Series: Language Learning at any level

Are you looking to learn a second language? Whether you're a beginner or advanced, we have multimedia language resources for all levels.

The Undiscovered Self book cover

Great Minds

Explore the innovative thinking and ideas of the greatest minds in history.