Discover Our Key Titles for Business Development

Business Development can take on many meanings, particularly in today's digital age. Our premier collection of titles below aims to provide solutions and guidance for a variety of business needs at any level of managerial experience. 

Business and Development Studies Business and Development Studies: Issues and Perspectives

Business and Development Studies: Issues and Perspectives provides a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge theoretical and empirical contributions to the emerging field of business and development studies.
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The Strategic Manager The Strategic Manager: Understanding Strategy in Practice 

The Strategic Manager provides a comprehensive, logical, and applied insight in strategic management. Unlike some more theory-heavy texts, this book focuses on how strategy works in everyday practice, taking readers’ expectations and understanding beyond that of strategy as a matter of planning only. It enables the reader to learn and reflect upon their practical skills and knowledge, and critically evaluate the strategy process and their own strategic decision-making.

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AI for Business Optimization Artificial Intelligence for Business Optimization
Research and Applications

This book explains how AI and Machine Learning can be applied to help businesses solve problems, support critical thinking and ultimately create customer value and increase profit.

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The Business of People The Business of People: Leadership for the Changing World

The Business of People is purposefully focused on people. The book will assist you to develop and support yourself with your people leadership, knowledge, and skills. It is an opportunity to better manage yourself and lead others, including your organization, into the modern volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

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Creating a Successful Digital Presence Creating a Successful Digital Presence: Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

By using a strategic and systematic process, this book draws together academic thinking with tangible and highly practical outcomes. It is essential reading for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students studying any discipline related to the digital world, particularly digital marketing and digital business, entrepreneurship and strategy, as well as those taking employability and personal professional development programmes.

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Partnerships for Regional Innovation and Development Partnerships for Regional Innovation and Development: Implementing Smart Specialization in Europe

This monograph presents the experience in the implementation of smart specialization strategies (S3) from multilevel policy governance, as well as from the bottom-up perspectives of firms, clusters, and networks in selected European countries.

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Change and Development in Organisations Change and Development in Organisations: Towards Consciousness, Humanity and Innovation

This volume is principally addressed to management and business students and researchers, as it offers a pedagogical review and analysis of the topics from the latest literature and research. At the same time, it provides highly topical and interesting ways forward for executives who want to transform their companies by introducing more conscious, humane and innovative approaches.

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Founders of Organizational Development Founders and Organizational Development: The Etiology and Theory of Founder's Syndrome

Founders and Organizational Development: The Etiology and Theory of Founder’s Syndrome is designed to help today’s researchers, faculty, students and practitioners become familiar with the etiology and dynamics of Founder’s Syndrome as an organizational condition challenging nonprofit/nongovernmental, social enterprise, and for-profit and publicly traded organizations. 

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