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Challenges in Leadership in Higher Education - A Routledge FreeBook

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This FreeBook contains excerpts from Routledge books on some of the key issues facing Higher Education leadership, including funding, inclusion, change, and the digital future.

Download now to instantly read the chapters included, but also be sure to click through and learn more about each title. Each of the following chapters we've chosen to include is just a small sample of the kind of information you can find in these books:

1. Challenges in Higher Education Leadership, Edited by James Soto Antony, Ana Mari Cauce, Donna E. Shalala.
Chapter 3: The Leadership Challenges for Higher Education’s Digital Future, by Rafael L. Bras and Richard A. DeMillo

2. Inclusive Leadership in Higher Education: International Perspectives and Approaches, Edited by Lorraine Stefani and Patrick Blessinger.
Chapter 1. Inclusive Leadership in Higher Education: Inclusion as a Core Institutional Value, by Patrick Blessinger and Lorraine Stefani

3. Towards the Private Funding of Higher Education: Ideological and Political Struggles, Edited by David Palfreyman, Ted Tapper and Scott Thomas.
Chapter 1: The Funding of Higher Education; The Oscillating Balance between the Public and Private Financing of the University

4. A Handbook for Leaders in Higher Education: Transforming Teaching and Learning, by Stephanie Marshall.
Chapter 8: Leading Change

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