Communicating Through a Pandemic unpacks the many and varied roles that communication has played over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether we are talking about communication about the virus and mitigation strategies, communication with friends and family, the urgent crisis that is mis- and dis-information, our complex and diffuse media environment, or new workplace communication strategies, communication has been front and center in this pandemic.

This guide can help public health professionals, marketers and health communicators, and policymakers alike understand what we have been through, what has worked well, and what we have struggled with—personally in our lives and collectively in our communities—in order to be able to address future pandemics more successfully. It can help us learn from this experience and get better at communicating through pandemics in the future. Learn more about the book by reading a free chapter, and enjoy 20% off during our Back to College Sale!

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1st Edition
Communicating Through a Pandemic: A Chronicle of Experiences, Lessons Learned, and a Vision for the Future
USD $48.99 $39.19
April 18, 2023 by Productivity Press
ISBN: 9781032212531
216 Pages