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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from each of the books below:

1.  Chapter 4 - Receivers Structures for OTFS from Orthogonal Time Frequency Space Modulation: OTFS a waveform for 6G By Suvra Sekhar Das, Ramjee Prasad

2.  Chapter 2 - Antennas, Arrays, Beam Forming, and Beam Steering from Design of Digital Phase Shifters for Multipurpose Communication Systems By Binboga Siddik Yarman

3.  Chapter 6 - 5G from Understanding Communications Systems Principles - A Tutorial Approach By Héctor J. De Los Santos

4.  Chapter 2 - RADAR Fundamentals and Their Early Development from An Introduction to Electronic Warfare; from the First Jamming to Machine Learning Technique By Chi-Hao Cheng, James Tsui

5. Chapter 8 - The TCP IP Protocol from Cryptography and Network Security By Marcelo Sampaio de Alencar