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Discover the latest Artificial Intelligence articles and books on emerging topics affecting the AI sector. We provide in-depth information on innovations and critical issues for new starters, technical specialists and senior management.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new AI for Everything Series. This series explores the impact of AI on contemporary life, through concise and accessible books for professionals, students, researchers, and lay readers.

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Explorations in AI and Machine Learning

Explorations in AI and Machine Learning

This Free Book gives you a brief introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. But, what are the main differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. To put it simply, Machine Learning is a way of achieving AI.



Sentient Robots

Quest for Sentient Robots

Does AI understand? Opinion remains divided on whether synthetic intelligence can attain human levels of consciousness. 




super intelligent robots

Super Intelligent Robots and the Future

Pioneers and practitioners of AI suggest a future where technology will prove to be more dominant than human beings. This apparent dystopia is closely tagged to what has been labeled as, ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ where automation takes over nearly all walks of human lives.



AI in Healthcare

AI in Healthcare

Discover the current benefits and future possibilities of AI in Healthcare.





ai safety

Artificial Intelligence Safety

Discover the history and future directions of Artificial Intelligence Safety.






Artificial Superintelligence

Safety and Security when Using Artificial Intelligence

Watch Roman Yampolskiy, author of "Artificial Superintelligence" explain the importance of bridging the gap between the advancement of artificial intelligence technology and cybersecurity.




AI and the Two Singularities

Artificial Intelligence and the Two Singularities 

Watch author of "Artificial Intelligence and the Two Singularities", Calum Chase, discuss the the evolution of Moore's Law and the exponential growth of technology as well as its affect on human society and the economy.


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AI and Robotics Series

This new book series serves as a publication venue for innovative technical contributions in AI and robotics, with coverage of both theoretical AI research and applied AI and robotics.

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