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I would also like to take this moment to announce our new Focus Short Form Book landing page, and to invite you to consider writing a book for our Focus short form book program. These titles are 20,000 to 50,000 words and publish around 100 pages. They are meant to provide the reader with quick information on fundaments, tools and applications, methods, an overview of a hot topic, a detailed case-study, analytical or theoretical innovations, just to name a few. ideas on topics where the reader can quickly gain some great information to use in their research or practices.
I am also very interested in publishing OA (Open Access) books.

Should you be interested in authoring or editing a short form Focus book, a regular book for the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering program, or discuss how publishing your book OA (Open Access) can benefit you as the author, as well as the readers of your book, please contact me at [email protected] and we can discuss your new writing ventures.

New Titles

Data Protection and Privacy in Healthcare: Research and Innovations
Edited By Ahmed Elngar, Ambika Pawar, Prathamesh Churi
ISBN 9780367501082
Pages: 268

Data Protection and Privacy in Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is one of the largest and rapidly developing industries. This book uses a research-oriented approach and focuses on privacy-based healthcare tools and technologies. It offers details on privacy laws with real-life case studies and examples, and addresses privacy issues in newer technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, and IoT.

This book is for research scholars, academicians, students, and industry professionals.

Sustainability: A Systems Engineering Approach to the Global Grand Challenge
By Adedeji B. Badiru, Tina Agustiady
ISBN 9780367431211
Pages: 170


Sustainability is one of the most embraced topics nowadays. This book addresses sustainability as a coordinated project using a project management approach and covers tools and techniques of industrial engineering to promote sustainability. It covers the evolution of new products, development of sustainability alliances, and highlights the role of sustainability in advancing organizational goals.

The book is for all engineering, business, and management fields.

Project Management Essentials: Analytics for Control
By Adedeji B. Badiru
ISBN 9780367431181
Pages: 166

Project Management Essentials

This Focus book presents the basic principles and practice of project management and simple analytics for project control, using the systems framework of Design, Evaluation, Justification, and Integration (DEJI). The overriding theme of the book is that every pursuit can be organized as a project.

Since everyone is engaged in project management, whether formal or informal, this book can serve as an ideal reference for all.

How to Be a Design Academic: From Learning to Leading
Edited By Alethea Blackler, Evonne Miller
ISBN 9780367362904
Pages: 346

How to Be a Design Academic

This book explores how to manage the various challenges, requirements, and processes that come with both the everyday and extra-ordinary parts of an academic role in design fields (from architecture, urban design, interior design and landscape architecture, to fashion, industrial, interaction and graphic design).

Organized in two parts, this book covers starting out in the academic design fields and then goes on to discussing how to become a Leader, which makes it perfect for academics, aspiring academics, and research students in a wide range of design fields.

Automotive Audits: Principles and Practices
D. H. Stamatis
ISBN 9780367696597
Pages: 184

Automotive Audits

This book explains “why” and “how” an effective audit should be carried out. It covers the essentials of an automotive audit required by all automotive suppliers world-wide and discusses mandated documents and records that are necessary for compliance with ISO standards, and Industry specifications.

Those that conduct audits, those that are interested in auditing, those being audited, and specifically automotive OEMs and their supplier base will find this book of interest.

Author Awards/Spotlight

Bookauthority Award

As featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc – BookAuthority identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on recommendations by thought leaders and experts.

Winning last month a spot on the 2020 Bookauthority Best New Industrial Management Book of All Time List and a spot on the 2020 Bookauthority Best New Industrial Management Books to Read in 2021 List, this book by Uthayan Elangovan has just won another Bookauthority Award as one of the 2020 Bookauthority Best New Product Design Books to Read in 2021.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): A Digital Journey Using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Uthayan Elangovan
ISBN 9780367431242
Pages: 122

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)