What better way to start 2021 than with a breathtakingly beautiful book on conservation and biology of the Coral Triangle? With stunning photography supported by an engaging and accessible text, Powderham's book highlights and celebrates the biodiversity of the reef along with the underlying message that it needs our care and protection before it is too late. We also have the fifth edition of The Physiology of Fishes, a favourite of Marine Biology students worldwide, and an excellent new book for graduate Fisheries students, Modern Fisheries Engineering: Realizing a Healthy and Sustainable Marine Ecosystem. Finally, Ed Petuch and David Berschauer's Tropical Marine Mollusks: An Illustrated Biogeographical Guide offers a glorious look at 1778 species of gastropods, in full color, many of which are extremely rare and poorly known, illustrated for the first time outside of their original descriptions.

At the Heart of the Coral Triangle   The Physiology of Fishes   Modern Fisheries Engineering   Tropical Marine Mollusks

Series Spotlight

The CRC Marine Biology series provides graduate level textbooks, including the bestselling Physiology of Fishes, state-of-the-art monographs and edited volumes that present recent developments in marine biology. Each publication presents a detailed discussion of basic concepts and principles of selected areas of scientific inquiry. The scope of the series is broad, treating both basic and applied marine biology, and will be of interest to graduate students, specialists and nonspecialists engaged in marine biology.

CRC Marine Biology's sister series, CRC Marine Science, also provides state-of-the-art coverage of important topics in marine biology, marine chemistry, marine geology, and physical oceanography. The series includes bestselling textbooks like Practical Handbook of Marine Science that synthesize recent advances in marine science.

Media and Publicity

Aimed at marine biologists and the interested general public, At the Heart of the Coral Triangle highlights the diversity, beauty and need to protect the fauna and flora of the Coral Triangle. Alan Powderham's dazzling photography is complemented by Dr Sancia van der Meij's scientific expertise, creating a scientifically rigorous yet breathtakingly beautiful reference work. Van der Meij is an experienced coral reef specialist while Powderham's use of rebreather diving technology allows him to get unusually close to his subject matter. 10% of the author royalties are going to Conservation International to aid their work in the region.
The book has received enthusiastic reviews in Dive Magazine, Diver Magazine, The Correspondent, Underwater Photography Magazine and the New Scientist in The Netherlands.