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Data visualization has become an art form. It explores different technologies and forms, blurring the boundary between visualization as an exploratory tool and an artform in its own right. Explore more with this highly-visual free chapter from Data Sketches and use code JML20 to save 20% when you buy the book.

In Data Sketches, Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu document the deeply creative process behind 24 unique data visualization projects, and they combine this with powerful technical insights which reveal the mindset behind coding creatively. This free chapter from Data Sketches explores the theme of Myths and Legends and provides insight into the authors' process and artistic visualizations. 

"The Data Sketches collaboration is a glorious tour de force: two people spur each other along a remarkable spiral of visualization creativity, and let the rest of us come along for the ride! Nadieh and Shirley share their sketches and code, experiments and explorations, reflections and realizations, eurekas and backtracks, and infectious enthusiasm. They each bring a unique vector, voice, and style to the 12 project topics; what unites them is deep technical chops and a superlative eye for design."

--Tamara Munzner, Professor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, Former Chair of the Executive Committee of IEEE Visualization, Author of Visualization Analysis and Design

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