Develop as a leader with our Transpersonal Leadership Series

Learn how to lead beyond your ego. Embed authentic, ethical and emotionally intelligent behaviours into the DNA of your organisation, build strong, collaborative relationships, and create a performance enhancing culture that is ethical, caring and sustainable. Provided to you by Routledge and LeaderShape Global.  

Transpersonal Leadership White Papers:

Productivity Improvement through Transformational Leadership

10. Productivity Improvement through Transformational Leadership

Discover how senior leaders can increase productivity by shifting their leadership style, and developing a culture focused on employee engagement.

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9. Politics Beyond the Ego: Ethical Political Leadership for the 21st Century

Learn why political leaders must embrace a visionary and collaborative approach to inspire people towards a common goal and to encourage future generations of politicians.

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8. Digital Transformation: Creating a Digital-First Culture through Transpersonal Leaders

Leaders need to transform themselves to survive digital transformation by embracing a democratic style and customer focus (and involvement) throughout their organisations.

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7. Adult Development: It's Role in the Leadership Journey

Learning where are on our adult development journey will help us understand both our own path towards transpersonal leadership and the development needs of those we lead. 

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6. Leadership in China: Harnessing Chinese Wisdom for Global Leadership?

Discover the leadership philosophy that has endured and developed over millennia, and how it compares to the leadership styles of the West. 

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5. Leadership in India: A Need to Keep Pace with India's Growth Story?

India needs leaders that are emotionally aware, and have the humility to continuously work on their personal growth, the robustness to use relevant and different leadership styles, and the skills to develop future leaders.

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4. Leading Across Cultures: Developing Leaders for Global Organisations

Companies with extensive ethnic diversity are more likely to deliver the innovative ideas and the creativity to deliver new products, services and solutions. Explore how organisations tap into that potential.

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3. Sustainable Leadership: Rewire Your Brain for Sustainable Success

Sustainable leadership delivers sustainable high performance through creating the conditions in which everyone thrives, thereby ensuring that the organisation and all of its stakeholders experience sustainable success. 

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2. Women, Naturally Better Leaders for the 21st Century

Learn how to develop organisations that recognize strengths of female leaders and to help women develop in areas where they might appear weaker than their male counterparts.

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1. How to Develop Ethical Leaders

Why do we need ethical leaders and how can we develop thutilising the concepts of awareness and consciousness, within the context of three levels of intelligence that each have their own neural connection system. 

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Transpersonal Leadership Snapshot Guides:


Insights into Leading Beyond the Ego Snapshot

Find out the importance of leading beyond the ego and how we might begin the transpersonal leadership journey. 

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The Invisible Hand of Ethical Leading Snapshot

Key insights on launching the Washington Ethical Leadership Summit, a new annual catalyst for making a difference to ethical leading. 

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