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Research Methods is an exciting and expanding programme at Routledge. Established in early 2016, the list comprises a wide range of books in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods, for students and researchers at all levels, and across all disciplines in the social sciences, and arts and humanities subjects.

This Freebook features a taste of some of the main areas of our list. Advanced and Multivariate Statistical Methods shows the progression from introductory to advanced statistical methods,with an emphasis on the non-maths aspects of statistical analysis, making it accessible to students. Fundamentals of Qualitative Research and Critical Approaches to Questions in Qualitative Research demonstrate the strengths of our programme in qualitative research, examining both the basic skills of qualitative research and the development of critical thinking skills. As well as textbook material, we have in qualitative research particular specialisms in autoethnography and arts-based research, including key authors such as Carolyn Ellis and Arthur Bochner, Ron Pelias, and Norman K.Denzin. Finally, Robert Harris,and Jose and Melisa Galvan's widely-adopted texts on general research skills are suitable for all readers wishing to renew and extend their learning in, and practice of, the practical skills required in research.

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