Little Minds Matter Guide

Promote social and emotional wellbeing in young children with this free guide created for early years educators.

Bringing together five chapters from the first five books in the Little Minds Matter series, it is full of practical ideas and suggestions which can be used immediately, both for your own CPD and for the development of your team.

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What's included:

1. Introduction from editor Sonia Mainstone-Cotton

2. The Wellbeing Laboratory from Outdoor Play for Healthy Little Minds

3. Introducing Wellbeing and SEND from Supporting the Wellbeing of Children with SEND

4. Becoming a Behaviour Detective from Supporting Behaviour and Emotions in the Early Years

5. The Early Years Educator I Am Today from Guide to Mental Health for Early Years Educators

6. Connecting to the Holistic Approach from Supporting the Wellbeing of Young Children with EAL