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The Women and Psychology series bridges the gap between abstract research and the reality of women's lives by integrating theory and practice, research and policy. Each book addresses a 'cutting edge' issue of research, covering topics such as postnatal depression and eating disorders, and addressing a wide range of theories and methodologies.

The series provides accessible and concise accounts of key issues in the study of women and psychology, and clearly demonstrates the centrality of psychology debates within women's studies or feminism. Download chapters from:

The Madness of Women

Chapter 1: The Madness of Women: Myth or Experience?

Adopted Women and Biological Fathers

Chapter 4: In Their Own Words: Adopted women, otherness and the quest for truth

Women Voicing Resistance

Chapter 3: ‘Girly-girls’, ‘professional women’ and ‘hard women’. Negotiating and resisting hegemonic femininities in non-traditional work space.

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