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Download your FREE EARLI Professional Development chapter sampler

EARLI Professional Development Chapter Sampler

To tie in with the EARLI SIG 14 Learning and Professional Development Conference from 12th - 14th September 2018 we have put together this FREE chapter sampler which includes extracts from the following books:

  1. Higher Education Transitions - Chapter 14. The labour market's requirement profiles for higher education graduates
  2. Higher Education Transitions - Chapter15. The transition from university to working life
  3. Informal Learning at Work - Chapter 8. Informal learning at work
  4. Informal Learning at Work  - Chapter 6. Vital but neglected
  5. Creating Impact Through Future Learning - Chapter 3. Scientific background of HILL
  6. Reconceptualising Professional Learning - Chapter 7. A technology shift and its challenges to professional conduct
  7. Technology-Enhanced Professional Learning - Chapter 4. Crowd work and collective learning

This chapter sampler will be useful reading for higher education researchers, policy stakeholders, and L&D officers or teachers in vocational and higher education preparing adults for professional life.

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