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We are pleased to offer you this free collection to download, featuring chapters from books in the EECERA book series, Towards an Ethical Praxis in Early Childhood, and articles from the European Early Childhood Education Research Journal

  1. Play in an ethically diverse preschool: conditions for belonging, by Berit Zachrisen, from Values in Early Childhood Education, edited by Eva Johansson and Johanna Einarsdottir
  2. Children, families and technologies, from Young Children Playing and Learning in a Digital Age, by Christine Stephen and Susan Edwards
  3. Pedagogic Documentation: uncovering solidary learning, by Júlia Formosinho, from Assessment and Evaluation for Transformation in Early Childhood, edited by Júlia Formosinho and Christine Pascal
  4. Evaluating innovation and navigating unseen boundaries, by Alma Fleet, Katey De Gioia, Lorraine Madden and Anthony Semann, from the European Early Childhood Education Research Journal
  5. Toddlers’ social competence, play, movement skills and well-being, by Rune Giske, Ingunn Berrefjord Ugelstad, Aud Torill Meland, Elsa Helen Kaltvedt,
    Synnøve Eikeland, Finn Egil Tønnessen and Elin Kirsti Lie Reikerås, from the European Early Childhood Education Research Journal
  6. Sticking and tipping points, by Martin Needham, Daurenbek Kuleimenov & Arailym Soltanbekova, from the European Early Childhood Education Research Journal

An essential read for researchers, students, policy-makers and professionals working with children today.

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