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Routledge Education eBooks enables you to provide your users with easy access to content written by the most well-known names in education, rooted in tried and tested classroom practice.

• Access the content anywhere through our digital platform
• Provide access for all your teaching staff
• Share and collaborate with colleagues
• Choose collections from wellbeing to leadership and more

We're looking for enthusiastic Primary schools to get involved and trial this new eBook platform.

There are no financial commitments, we just ask for your feedback at the end of the trial.

Unfortunately we only have a limited number of trials to give away, so if you are interested please register as soon as possible. We will then be in touch to confirm if you have been successful.

Here's how the free trial works.

  • Trials can be set up for schools only, we are unable to accept trials for individual users at this stage
  • Trials can start on one of two dates - 23rd April 2019 or 1st May 2019
  • Username and password will be provided for admin access via email
  • It will be the responsibility of the administrator to set up individual user access. This can be done manually or via IP range
  • If you would like to delegate the responsibility of administrator to another staff member, there is the option to do so in the form

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