Effective Communication and Engagement Methods: Chapter Sampler Cover

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This chapter sampler on Effective Communication and Engagement Methods incorporates chapters from some of Routledge's leading titles on online teaching, including:

1. Chapter 10, "Preparing Students for Online Learning," from Online Teaching: A Practical Guide by Susan Ko and Steve Rossen

2. Chapter 7, "Resources for Engaging," from Essentials of Online Course Design by Marjorie Vai and Kristen Sosulski

3. Chapter 4, "Tools for Communication and Content Creation - Beyond Text!," from Best Practices for Teaching With Emerging Technologies by Michelle Pacansky-Brock

4. Chapter 7, "Interweaving internal and external feedback," from Designing Effective Feedback Processes in Higher Education: A Learning-Focused Approach by Naomi Winstone and David Carless

5. Chapter 3, "Faculty Engagement in Online Programs," from Best Practices in Online Program Development: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education by Elliot King and Neil Alperstein