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Banks, Money and Finance in the History of Economic Thought: A Chapter Sampler

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Banks, Money and Finance in the History of Economic Thought: A Chapter Sampler

In connection with the European Society for the History of Economic Thought conference 2019 on the theme "Money, Banks and Finance in the History of Economic Thought" we have put together a FREE chapter sampler for you to download which includes: 

  1. The flaw in 20th century macroeconomit thought: The general equilibrium benchmark by Elisabetta De Antoni, From: Money, Finance and Crises in Economic History, Edited by Annalisa Rosselli, Nerio Naldi, Eleonora Sanfilippo
  2. Reading popular histories of economics by Tiago Mata, From: A Contemporary Historiography of Economics, Edited by Till Düppe, E. Roy Weintraub
  3. Business cycles without periodicity? by Bertram Schefold, From: Macroeconomic Theory and the Eurozone Crisis, Edited by Alain Alcouffe, Maurice Baslé, Monika Poettinger
  4. German, American and French Influences on List’s Ideas of Economic Development by Harald Hagemann, From: The Economic Thought of Friedrich List, Edited by Harald Hagemann, Stephan Seiter, Eugen Wendler
  5. Austrian School Women Economists by Giandomenica Becchio, From: The Routledge Handbook of the History of Women’s Economic Thought, Edited by Kirsten Madden, Robert W. Dimand

This chapter sampler will be of interest to researchers in the history of economic thought, and those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the variety and diversity in approaches to economic ideas throughout history.

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