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This FreeBook compiles work from world-renowned authors in Environment and Sustainability, European Studies, European Law and Governance.  It focuses on EU environmental policy with discussions on climate change and climate change negotiations, touching on topical issues such as Brexit and the Paris climate agreement.  With an introduction from a leading academic in climate change and environment and sustainability, this FreeBook is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in environmental policy, EU law and politics. 


1. The developement of Europe's climate policy (1986 - 1992)
From The European Union in International Climate Change Negotiations by Stavros Afionis

2. EU policy on renewable energy
From Climate Policy Integration into EU Energy Policy:  Progress and Prospects by Claire Dupont 

3. Institutional Regulatory Model of the Electricity Sector in the EU
From Regulation in the European Electricity Sector by Maciej M. Sokolowski  

4. What Makes EU-China collaboration a better fit for the Anthropocene
From The EU, US and China Tackling Climate Change:  Policies and Alliances for the Anthropocene by Sophia Kalantzakos  

5. A new narrative for Europe 
From Knowledge Brokerage for Sustainable Developement:  Innovative Tools for Increasing Research Impact and Evidence-Based Policy Making by Andre Martinuzzi and Michal Sedlacko

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