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Featuring some of the most well known names in K-12 Education and rooted in tried and tested classroom practice, our practical books support teacher and leader development at every stage of learning. Whether there is a particular area of focus in your school or you're looking for a broad range of professional development books to support your staff, our educator-written and affordable titles are here to help!

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Featured Titles

3rd Edition
What Great Teachers Do Differently: Nineteen Things That Matter Most
USD $29.95 $23.96
April 15, 2020 by Eye On Education
ISBN: 9780367344641
150 Pages

2nd Edition
Teaching Practices from America's Best Urban Schools: A Guide for School and Classroom Leaders
USD $38.95 $31.16
May 30, 2019 by Eye On Education
ISBN: 9780815384458
186 Pages

1st Edition
Supporting the Wounded Educator: A Trauma-Sensitive Approach to Self-Care
USD $32.95 $26.36
February 12, 2020 by Eye On Education
ISBN: 9780367429287
142 Pages