CRC Press Focus books are short form titles available very quickly as eBooks and print-on-demand Hardbacks.

Advantages for Authors

  • Speed to market – 10–12 weeks from submission to publication.
  • Topicality – Allows you to respond quickly to current affairs and contemporary issues and policies.
  • Flexibility – Perfect for situations where you have too much material for an article but not enough for a full-length book.
  • Accessibility – Helps you to make your research findings concise and accessible.
  • Impact – Format, quick timeframe, and competitive pricing, including low e-book pricing, helps your work to impact upon policy and practice.
  • Quality – All titles in the CRC Focus program will be subject to our usual high standards of peer review.
  • Remuneration – Authors/editors receive a royalty on print and ebook sales to individuals and libraries, and benefit additionally from any subsidiary rights arrangements.
  • Global Market – You will have all the benefits of your short form title being marketed, sold, and distributed by a major international Academic Publisher with genuinely global coverage.


  • Length – 20,000 to 50,000 words including notes and references.
  • Figures - Maximum of 10 images can be included; additional images can be substituted for words (150 words per additional image)
  • Format – Each CRC Press Focus title will be published as an eBook (suitable for reading on your e-reader, laptop, mobile device, or tablet, and accessible via library collections). For those that still prefer print, there will be a simultaneous print-on-demand Hardback available.
  • Single or Multi-Authored/Edited Collection – Both authored books and edited collections can be submitted.


We welcome submissions in any of the subject areas where CRC currently publishes. Titles published in the CRC Press Focus program could include:

  • A short overview of an emerging area or “hot topic.”
  • A detailed case-study.
  • Reworking of research for a policy audience.
  • Analytical or theoretical innovations.
  • A timely response to current affairs or policy debates.
  • Information and analysis for professionals and practitioners within a certain field.
  • Edited collection with a variety of viewpoints.

Published Titles

  • Twice the First: Quirino Cristiani and the Animatd Feature Film
  • Floating Worlds: A Short History of Japanese Animation
  • Two-and Three-Dimensional Flow of Groundwater
  • Sustainability: A Way to Abundance
  • Design Examples for High Strength Steel Reinforced Concrete Columns
  • Design of High Strength Steel Reinforced Concrete Columns
  • Sensing the Perfect Tomato: An Internet of Sensing Approach
  • Thermodynamics of Magnetizing Materials and Superconductors
  • Corona Discharge: Micromachining for the Synthesis of Nanoparticles Characterization
  • Applications of Plasma Technologies to Material Processing
  • Computational Topology for Biomedical Image and Data Analysis Theory
  • EMF Effects from Power Sources and Electrosmog
  • Air Pollution and the Electromagnetic Phenomena as Incitants
  • The Whats of a Scientific Life
  • Scientific Misconduct Training Workbook
  • Advancing Professional Development through CPE in Public Health
  • A Spotlight on the History of Ancient Egyptian Medicine
  • The Whys of a Scientific Life
  • The Story of Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanics of Project Management
  • Human Heat Stress
  • Recent Advancements in Software Reliability Assurance
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Among Students and Faculty
  • The Development of Women and Young Professionals in STEM Careers
  • Sustainability, Innovation, and Procurement
  • Want to Publish With Us?

    If you are interested in publishing a CRC Press Focus title, please contact an acquisitions editor for your subject area.