The Déjà Vu Experience

The Déjà Vu Experience , by Anne M. Cleary and Alan S. Brown

The Déjà vu Experience, Second Edition covers the latest scientific discoveries regarding the strange sense of familiarity most of us have felt at one time or another when doing something for the first time. The book sheds light on this mysterious phenomenon, considering the latest neurophysiological investigations and research on possible reasons why déjà vu is often associated with a sense of predicting the future or knowing what happens next.

In addition to summarizing the major historical and contemporary theoretical approaches to the déjà vu experience, this book aspires to stimulate additional research on this curious subjective phenomenon. Drawing on research from a range of fields including psychology, philosophy, and religion, it aims to demystify some of the more unsettling, spooky-seeming aspects of the déjà vu experience, elucidating possible mechanisms and underlying reasons for its occurrence. This edition has been thoroughly updated throughout to include over 200 new professional articles and book chapters related to déjà vu that have been published in the 18 years since the original book.

By placing the scientific study of déjà vu within its historical context and covering a broad range of perspectives on the subject, this title will be invaluable to upper-level undergraduates, postgraduates, and researchers of Cognitive Psychology, specifically those focusing on Memory Phenomena.

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