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School of Pharma

1st Edition
3D Cell Culture: Fundamentals and Applications in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
USD $99.95 $89.95
May 11, 2018 by Jenny Stanford Publishing
ISBN: 9781315146829
226 Pages

1st Edition
A Lifecycle Approach to Knowledge Excellence in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
USD $68.95 $62.05
June 26, 2017 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781315368337
545 Pages

1st Edition
A Practical Guide to Managing Clinical Trials
USD $59.95 $53.95
May 18, 2017 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781315299792
276 Pages

1st Edition
Advances in Chromatography: Volume 54
USD $54.95 $49.45
August 15, 2017 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781315116372
200 Pages

1st Edition
Advances in Chromatography: Volume 55
USD $54.95 $49.45
December 12, 2017 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781315158075
268 Pages

1st Edition
Advances in Chromatography: Volume 56
USD $54.95 $49.45
February 07, 2019 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9780429026171
194 Pages

1st Edition
Advances in Chromatography: Volume 58
USD $64.95 $58.45
December 19, 2021 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781003223405
208 Pages

1st Edition
Advances in Pulmonary Drug Delivery
USD $59.95 $53.95
December 19, 2016 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781315311975
248 Pages

1st Edition
Algae and Sustainable Technologies: Bioenergy, Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry
USD $220.00 $198.00
November 09, 2020 by CRC Press
ISBN: 9781003001911
334 Pages

1st Edition
Analyzing Longitudinal Clinical Trial Data: A Practical Guide
USD $59.95 $53.95
December 12, 2016 by Chapman & Hall
ISBN: 9781315186634
336 Pages

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