Now that your book is almost ready to publish, comprehensive sales and marketing plans are already underway. While we work toward these goals, below are a few things that only you—the author—can do to help ensure your work reaches the right audiences and generates the buzz in the scientific community needed to sell more copies.

Authors who participate in the Featured Authors program find that their work is more readily discovered on the web and, therefore, tend to sell more copies of their books.

  • If you haven't already, we highly recommend you participate in Featured Authors, a unique portion of our website that aggregate all the information your readers need about your work and your expertise; enhances your online presence; and allows your readers to connect with you quickly and easily. To get started, just follow this simple tutorial.

  • The CRC Press Marketing Department will be distributing flyers that highlight the unique attributes of your book directly to our established networks of bulk and individual buyers in the scientific community. However, oftentimes, you can reach your peers in ways we cannot. If you like, we can supply you with a PDF copy of your book flyer to share with your network. Here’s how we suggest you use this flyer:

    • Distribute your flyer to your colleagues, business associates, librarians, and coworkers who might be interested in using your book to further their research or purchasing it for their libraries.
    • If your book is an edited volume, send copies of the flyer to your contributors so that they can distribute it to their networks as well.
    • When you go to conferences, whether attending or speaking, take copies of your flyer with you and distribute it to audiences keen to learn more.
    • To request a flyer, please contact [email protected].
  • Don’t underestimate the power of your personal networks to help promote your book. Here are several ways you can help create awareness of your book during your regular communications.

    • Email signature—include the cover of your book and a link to the book’s page on
    • Encourage your institution’s library to purchase your book.
    • Let associations and societies of which you are member know about your achievement—ask them to post your book cover, marketing copy, and a link your book page on, on their website or announce it in e-newsletters and offer a discount.
  • Your social platforms can help you facilitate and encourage discussions around your book’s topic. Connect with us via your social networks and we can help you reach a wider audience of your peers.

    • Add your book to your Facebook page, share a short description, and put a link to your book page on on your ‘About’ page. Also, like the CRCPress Facebook page to better connect with your audience (
    • Engage your Twitter contacts, and share some benefits or tips about your book to give researchers reasons to buy it. Follow CRC Press on Twitter (@CRCPress), and retweet comments in your area of interest.
    • Join and share your research on social sites such as ResearchGate,, ORCID, and ResearcherID.
    • Add your book’s title to your headline on LinkedIn: Example: Author, Scientist, | New book: Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, - See more at:
    • Make sure your Google+ profile is filled out completely. It may be tempting to skimp on g+, but we have found that a complete profile has a demonstrable impact on search results.
    • When you speak passionately about your work, people become interested in it. Make a short video about your work and send it to your marketing manager. We will post your video to our YouTube channel so that you can share it with those who are interested.
  • While CRC Press ensures your title appears on and is listed correctly, you can help increase visibility and improve sales for your book by setting up an Amazon Author Central Page, which allows you to collect all your titles in one place and post additional information about you and your work. Our authors have found this page to be helpful in marketing their books, but only authors are allowed to set up their pages—so only you can do this.
    • To get started, you’ll find a brief FAQ here, and you can register with Amazon’s Author Central to create your page here.

Other Marketing Opportunities

Alone, the five simple action steps outlined above will make your book more easily found online, which can have a dramatic impact on the sales of your book. But if you’re interested in doing more to market your work, there’s certainly a lot more that can be done to help promote it. Some of our authors have used the following tactics successfully to increase book sales:

Host or Comment on Blogs

  • For most books, there is a lot of competition in the marketplace already, so being creative and standing apart from others can be effective ways to differentiate and generate interest in your work.
    • Read and comment on blogs in your area of expertise (find blogs here) and add a link to your book where appropriate.
    • Create your own blog ( and share this with your CRC Press editor and in your email signature. A blog can help you build a community of people interested in you and your work. This blog post—though aimed primarily at aspiring fiction writers—offers advice that applies to any writer looking to start or continue a blog.

If You Build It, They Will Come

  • Today, building a website is easier than ever. A simple one-page site with your book cover and copy will make your book easier to discover on the Internet. When you create your website, be sure to link back the book’s page on so that readers can buy your book when they are ready.
  • If you like, you can create a more elaborate site, host your blog there, and curate content that will add value and create more interest in your work.

Here are some examples of well-designed author websites:

Other Ways You Can Raise Awareness about Your Book

  • Wikipedia - A Wikipedia entry can put you or your book at the top of the page in search engine results when readers search for information about topics covered in your book. It is simple and easy to create a short Wikipedia entry like this one. Be careful though, Wikipedia moderators object to using the site for promotional purposes, so make sure your entry is simple and states ‘just the facts’ about you and your work.
  • Webinars or Podcasts - Do you regularly host webinars or podcasts? Let your editor or marketing manager know and we can add links to your webinar or podcast on your book’s page on
  • eAnnouncement and eNewsletters - Share email announcements you receive from CRC Press about your book with your academic and research networks or you can provide your editor or marketing manager with a list of email addresses and we will send them announcements directly.
  • Do you have your own newsletter? If so, send your marketing manager a link to your newsletter sign up and we will put it on our website and include it in email and social media campaigns when appropriate.

Traditional Methods That Also Work

  • Media Relations
    • Journal Article - Let your peers know about your forthcoming title. Add details about your new book to your bio when you publish in research or academic journals. If possible, include a link to your book page on
    • Radio/TV - If you do a radio or TV interview and there is a podcast or “Watch Again” feature, you’ll want to send the relevant information to your marketing manager and we will link it to your book page on
    • Press Release - Check with your institution and affiliations to see if they would be willing to write a press release about your new book. Be sure to send a copy to your marketing manager so that we can use it in promotional materials as well.