Guilford Press chapter highlights on Innovations in Psychotherapy

Download our latest chapter highlights collection on Psychotherapy from Guilford Press & Routledge. 

Our latest collection of chapter highlights brings together book content on the latest innovations in psychotherapy from Guilford Press and Routledge. This collection offers an introduction to key titles from leading authors in the field, and is a valuable resource for professionals and students wanting to learn more about important concepts in psychotherapy.


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What's included:

  1. Rationale and Principles of Somatic Maternal Healing from Somatic Maternal Healing
  2. The Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality from Managing Suicidal Risk
  3. The Mind and Heart When Helping from Motivational Interviewing
  4. Shame, Guilt, and Psychic Multiplicity from Internal Family Systems Therapy for Shame and Guilt
  5. Compassion Practice, Social Justice, and Collective Liberation from Advances in Contemplative Psychotherapy
  6. Being with triggering parts and helping them be with you from Transitioning to Internal Family Systems Therapy