Research Methods

This book offers theoretical and practical guidance on issues of ethics, data collection and analysis for researchers and professionals. It focuses predominantly on methods and methodology for research in applied fields, including program and policy evaluation, policy analysis, organizational and community development, business and non-profit management, clinical sociology, social work, community psychology, international development, education, and public health. Its broad range of contributors offer insights into established and innovative methods and provide tools and guidance for increasing the robustness and validity of research outcomes.

These chapters have been selected from various books to help researchers enhance their skills.

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What's included:

1. Preface from Evaluating and Valuing in Social Research

2. Spacial and Social Media Data from Spatializing Social Media: Social Networks Online and Offline

3. The Dependent Sample T-Test from Statistics TranslatedA Step-by-Step Guide to Analyzing and Interpreting Data

4. Introducing the Null Hypothesis Significance Test from Design and Analysis in Educational Research Using jamovi: ANOVA Designs

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1st Edition
Design and Analysis in Educational Research Using jamovi: ANOVA Designs
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