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Celebrate the 100th Edition of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics!

New Data and New Look for the CRC Press Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics today remains the most comprehensive and highly evaluated chemistry and physics property data collection available. The 100th Print Edition of the CRC Handbook continues to provide the highest quality data needed for modern chemistry and physics research and practice and features:

• New tables of fluid property data based on new formulations of the thermophysical properties of water and other important fluids
• Major updates to sections on analytical chemistry and practical laboratory data
• New introductions to facilitate data table use, which also facilitates online searching
• Our streamlined, slimmer printed volume retains all important chemistry and physics data and is complemented by our comprehensive Online Edition, which contains our complete collections of property data on chemical compounds (now over 20,000) and all physical particles
• Continued dedication to the highest possible quality, with all data carefully reviewed by subject experts, with all archival data sets currently not in the printed Handbook fully available in the Online Edition

In a world with access to unlimited amounts of data, users who need to make critical scientific and technical decisions can find high quality, reliable in the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, a continuing hallmark of quality.

Editor John Rumble, Jr. continues our dedication to excellence and ever-expanding coverage as new measurements are reported.
The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is available in print and web versions with several convenient subscription packages to meet the needs of different user communities.


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