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Health and Welfare of Brachycephalic (Flat-faced) Companion Animals Free Chapter

Health and welfare issues of brachycephalic (flat-faced) animals are one of the most pressing problems facing companion animals right now. Dogs, in particular, are suffering from a ‘brachycephalic crisis’ resulting from a perfect storm where predispositions to an array of health issues are amplified by a population boom for certain brachycephalic breeds such as the French Bulldog and Pug. But yet, for many owners, these dogs represent the perfect companion: endearing personas and cute looks in a socially desirable package. So where is the truth in all of this?

Chapter 5, Discussing Brachycephalic Health with Current and Prospective Dog Owners, discusses the opportunities and challenges associated with talking to current and prospective owners about common health issues encountered by brachycephalic dogs. Along with updates on current research into owner motivations, it includes frameworks to use when discussing breed choice with people who express an interest in acquiring a brachycephalic dog, what to cover in a first brachycephalic puppy consultation and how to sensitively frame health information for owners of older dogs.

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