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IFT17 Annual Meeting & Food Expo

CRC Press is pleased to present our new and notable books to be featured at IFT17. The Convention was held in Las Vegas from June 23 - 28.

"IFT17 is where the most creative minds in the science of food - including industry, government, and academia - come together with purpose and vision to share and challenge one another with the latest research, innovative solutions and forward thinking topics in food science and technology." - IFT.ORG

We hope to see you again at IFT18 in Chicago, IL!

Attending Editors

Steve Zollo

Senior Editor

Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Food & Culinary Science, Toxicology

Science and Medicine

I’ve been developing scientific and technical books in a number of different disciplines since 1986. Currently at CRC Press I manage the Food Science/Culinary Arts program, the Toxicology program, and the Complementary/Alternative clinical practice program.

[email protected]

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2017 Annual Meeting

Connect with them! @IFT #IFT17

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