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Welcome to the Routledge page for the International Medieval Congress 2021. Firstly we just wanted to say a huge thank you to our wonderful authors and series editors who, despite facing one of the toughest years we’ve seen, continued to write, submit and commission the most fantastic books, which we are thrilled to be able to share with you here. You can also receive a 20% discount off all books featured here if you apply the discount code IMC21 at the checkout.

Laura – in particular, I wanted to highlight Global Medieval Contexts 500-1500 which provides lecturers, teaching medieval survey courses, with a truly global introduction to the medieval period. Giving equal weight to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and of course Europe, it draws out the connections and comparisons across the medieval world. The author team bring a balanced approach from history to literature to art history and archaeology, ensuring that students, across all disciplines, are provided with a clear and accessible introduction which shows just how exciting this period was.

Michael – We are showcasing only a selection of our extensive and exciting publishing in medieval history here so please visit the Routledge website to explore our medieval history list in full.

We are looking forward to seeing you all virtually this year and hopefully in person in 2022!

If you would like to discuss a book idea, then please do reach out to us.
All best wishes,
Laura and Michael


Key series

Themes in Environmental History (Laura)

This series covers environmentl history from 500-the present day and is aimed at 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students and postgraduate students. The books bring together chapters on the historiography of the field and the new research that is being done to move the field forward.

Engaging the Crusades (Laura)

Is a series of concise volumes (up to 50,000 words) which offer initial windows into the ways in which the crusades have been used in the last two centuries; demonstrating that the memory of the crusades is an important and emerging subject. Together these studies suggest that the memory of the crusades, in the modern period, is a productive, exciting and much needed area of investigation.


Playing the Crusades

Playing the Crusades edited by Robert Houghton


The Making of Crusading Heroes and Villains

The Making of Crusading Heroes and Villains edited by Mike Horswell and Kristin Skottki


Tales of the Crusaders – Remembering the Crusades in Britain

Tales of the Crusaders by Elizabeth Siberry

Lives of Royal Women (Laura)

This series features academic, yet accessible biographies of royal women - consorts, dowagers, royal mothers and female sovereigns - inclusive of all periods, cultures and geographic regions.

Forthcoming titles

Maria of Austria, Holy Roman Empress (1528-1603)

Maria of Austria by Rubén González Cuerva

New Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Modern Culture: Confluences and Contexts  (Laura)

This interdisciplinary series publishes manuscripts from a wide range of fields, including but not limited to literature, history, art history, musicology, philosophy, religion and political science, in order to cultivate a truly multifaceted understanding of the early modern period. This series offers innovative scholarship that models interdisciplinary methodologies to emerging scholars and students and publishes books that show how paradigm shifts in knowledge happen when disciplines cross-fertilize and share the fruits of their labor. 

Women Talk Back to Shakespeare


Women Talk Back to Shakespeare: Contemporary Adaptations and Appropriations by Jo Eldridge Carney


Kingship, Madness, and Masculinity on the Early Modern Stage

Kingship, Madness, and Masculinity on the Early Modern Stage: Mad World, Mad Kings edited By Christina Gutierrez-Dennehy

Featured Title

Global Medieval Contexts 500 – 1500

Global Medieval Contexts 500 – 1500

Global Medieval Contexts 500–1500: Connections and Comparisons provides a unique wide-lens introduction to world history during this period. Designed for students new to the subject, this textbook explores vital networks and relationships among geographies and cultures that shaped medieval societies. The expert author team aims to advance a global view of the period and introduce the reader to histories and narratives beyond an exclusively European context. This textbook is supported by a companion website - www.routledge.com/cw/klimektroyer providing core resources for students and lecturers.

Praise for the book

'The book that many of us have long been waiting for: a collection of materials, generously framed for both instructors and students, for teaching history and culture c. 500 – 1500 from a global perspective. Rich in comparisons, contrasts, and entanglements, the texts collected here bring the diversity of the past to life for students. Interdisciplinary, engaging, and thoroughly accessible, Global Medieval Contexts connects past to present in illuminating and exciting ways.'
Dr Jeffrey J Cohen, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Arizona State University, USA

'Global Medieval Contexts takes us on a breathtaking tour across time and space as it redraws the contours of the medieval world map in a novel way that ties cultures, peoples, and places. It is a stimulating and timely read that points back to the medieval world, only to point forward to current issues and debates. Thanks to the global and interdisciplinary aspect of the book, students anywhere in the world can find something to relate to. The book arouses curiosity, raises questions, and changes perspectives. While emphasizing diversity, Global Medieval Contexts emphasizes our basic human sameness.'
Dr Sally Abed, Alexandria University, Egypt

'Global Medieval Contexts offers instructors and students a rich mosaic of the premodern world, building on thematic strands connecting disparate cultures. Equally comfortable discussing themes and objects, ranging from sails to sculptures, the authors present a range of entry-points for student discussion and analysis. Although the topics have considerable cultural breadth, the underlying global perspective is clear while the writing and framing make them accessible to a range of students, from those enrolled in first-year surveys to more advanced courses specifically on the medieval period.'
Dr Edward Schoolman, University of Nevada, USA

Crusade Texts in Translation (Michael)

1st Edition
Ibn Naẓīf’s World-History: Al-Tā’rīkh al-Manṣūrī
USD $170.00 $136.00
December 30, 2020 by Routledge
ISBN: 9780367623555
240 Pages

1st Edition
History of the Dukes of Normandy and the Kings of England by the Anonymous of Béthune
USD $140.00 $112.00
February 24, 2021 by Routledge
ISBN: 9781138743496
254 Pages

The Military Religious Orders

Studies in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland

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