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Featuring current information and challenging perspectives on the latest issues and forces shaping the American educational system—with scholarship that is often cited as a primary source—Joel Spring introduces readers to the historical, political, social and legal foundations of education and to the profession of teaching in the United States. In his signature straightforward, concise approach to describing complex issues, he illuminates events and topics that are often overlooked or whitewashed, giving students the opportunity to engage in critical thinking about education. Students come away informed on the latest topics, issues and data and with a strong knowledge of the forces shaping the American educational system.

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Table of Contents of
American Education, 20th Ed.

1. Pandemic and the Goals of Schooling 
2. The Social Goals of Schooling 
3. Education and Equality of Opportunity 
4. The Economic Goals of Schooling: Human Capital, Global Economy and Preschool 
5. Equality of Educational Opportunity: Institutional Racism, Gender and Special Needs
6. Student Diversity 
7. Who Controls American Education? Elected Officials and the Deep State 
8. State and Federal Control of Education 
9. The Teaching Profession 
10. Globalization of Education


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