Key Topics in Queer Studies

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This chapter sampler on Queer Studies incorporates chapters from some of Routledge's newest titles in the field, including:

1. "Fleeing Across the Globe: Trans Asylum Seekers", from Trans Lives in a Globalizing World

2. "Same-Sex Wedding Tourism", from The Political Economy of Same-Sex Marriages

3. "Critical Theory and Political Philosophy", from Queer Theories: An Introduction

4. "The Polygamous Other and the American Identity", from Polyamory, Monogamy, and American Dreams

5. "Regulation", from Religion, the Body, and Sexuality

6. "Queering Translation, or What Can Queer Theory do for Translation Studies", from Queer Theory and Translation Studies

7. "Slashing and Queering Popular Romance Fiction", from Men, Masculinities and Popular Romance