Higher education leaders are currently facing unique challenges, including student well-being, and low retention, and completion rates. As a result, the quality of teaching in higher education has never been more critical. We have collated a variety of resources for developing leaders at all levels to support leadership and management within higher education.

We aim to provide resources to empower university leaders and teachers and to contribute to your career success by developing teaching skills, strategies, and knowledge. 

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Resources you can download:

Challenges in Leadership in Higher Education

This FreeBook contains excerpts from Routledge books on some of the key issues facing Higher Education leadership, including funding, inclusion, change, and the digital future.


Student Retention in Higher Education

This FreeBook has been created to highlight some of the main factors that influence student retention figures, as well as some of the steps that can be taken to improve them, providing a selection of excerpts from our key books in this area.


The Role of Professional Development for Academics

This FreeBook contains examines the benefits of continuous professional development for researchers, academics and lecturers. This content will offer an insight into how academics can utilise learning and research practices in their own work.


Resources for Inclusive Teaching

Explore our recommended reading list featuring top titles that highlight the importance of diversity in the classroom, accessibility and advocacy for students with disabilities, issues facing women and LGBTQ students, technological inequalities in education, and more.