This free on-demand webinar features Stacy Scott, our Accessibility Officer here at Taylor & Francis, and two Routledge leading authors in the field of accessible teaching, Joanna Cannon and Katherine Aquino.

Discover our authors' answers to the following questions and their timestamp within the webinar:

  • What is alt text, and why is it so important for accessibilty? 03:03
  • How can teachers and course leaders incorporate alt text, into their learning resources? 11:53
  • What advice would you give to somebody looking to improve the accessibility of their teaching resources using alt text? 18:10
  • How else can lecturers and course leaders make their teaching practice and resources more accessible for students? 21:26
  • What are the potential barriers to making your teaching more accesible? How can course leaders overcome them? 32:47
  • Quick fire Q&A for the authors 39:06

We hope you enjoy the webinar and find it informative!

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners With Disabilities: Foundations, Strategies, and Resources
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