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Mass Communication for a Changing World

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AEJMC's 102nd conference's theme is "Investing in Our Future". This collection of chapters will give you a look into how communication is quickly changing is our world today. Enter your information to download your FREE copy today!! :

 1 • COLORING OUTSIDE THE LINES (from Advertising Theory by Shelly Rodgers, Esther Thorson)

2 • MASS COMMUNICATION IN OUR DIGITAL SOCIETY (from A Cognitive Psychology of Mass Communication, 7th Edition By Fred W. Sanborn, Richard Jackson Harris

3 • CHARTING THE LANDSCAPE IN RESEARCH ON COUNTRY IMAGE, REPUTATION, BRAND, AND IDENTITY (from Bridging Disciplinary Perspectives of Country Image Reputation, Brand, and Identity by Diana Ingenhoff, Candace White, Alexander Buhmann, Spiro Kiousis)

4 • JOURNALIST ADAPTING (from Analyzing Analytics: Disrupting Journalism One Click at a Time By Edson C. Tandoc Jr.)

5 • BUSINESS LITERACY: THOUGHT AWARENESS AND INSIGHTFUL ACTION IN A CHANGING WORKPLACE (from Public Relations: Competencies and Practice by Carolyn Mae Kim )

6 • MULTIMEDIA NARRATIVES: THE 'SNOW FALL' REVOLUTION AND BEYOND (from Immersive Longform Storytelling: Media, Technology, Audience by David Dowling)

7 • DESIGNING CIVIC MEDIA LITERACIES (from Civic Media Literacies: Re-Imagining Human Connection in an Age of Digital Abundance by Paul Mihailidis)

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