What is Math Workshop in Action About?

Find out how Math Workshops engage students and increase learning. This practical book from bestselling author Dr. Nicki Newton explains why Math Workshops are effective and gives you step-by-step instructions for implementing and managing your own workshop.

You’ll find out how to…

  • create a math-rich environment;
  • use anchor charts effectively;
  • manage the workshop;
  • begin a workshop with activities;
  • lead whole-group mini-lessons;
  • make workstations meaningful and engaging;
  • create guided math groups;
  • implement "the Share" effectively; and
  • ensure balanced assessments.

The book features a handy Quick-Start Guide to help you as you implement your own workshop. Each chapter offers a variety of charts and tools that you can use in the classroom immediately, as well as reflection questions and key points:

Chapter 1: Creating a Community of Learners in a Math-Rich Classroom

Chapter 2: Living and Learning in a Mathematically Rich Space

Chapter 3: Managing the Workshop

Chapter 4: The Opening (Part I)

Chapter 5: The Opening (Part II): Mini-Lessons

Chapter 6: Math Workstations: Meaningful Engagement

Chapter 7: Guided Math Groups

Chapter 8: The Share

Chapter 9: Balanced Assessment


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What Do People Have to Say About
Math Workshop in Action?

“Why this book is exceptional: Educators know that the curriculum is not the only avenue to student success. Effective classroom management, meaningful engagement, sharing student voice in accountable talk, and conscientious reflection are also roadways to student success. Newton infuses these concepts throughout her book supported by research-based documentation.

Her book reads like a conversation with a colleague. Sample discussions between teachers and their students are included in each chapter to give the reader a jump start to any questions or stumbling blocks that might occur within the classroom. I have to admit that when she used several of my favorite researchers (such as Marzano and Dweck), I was even more excited. Because the book reads like a conversation with a colleague, it feels as if you are taking the journey together, but with an experienced mentor by your side. Your mentor, Newton, takes you through the process providing strategies to make each component work.

Newton’s book is a fabulous gift that helps teachers navigate the learning experiences that should be taking place in every classroom – student centered classrooms in which the teacher is the facilitator of their learning. Her advice is practical and adaptable, along with a high level of accountability.

I highly recommend this book to any math educator – teacher, coach, department head, or professor – who is interested in engaging students in research based teaching that is interactive, challenging, and fun!”

-Linda Biondi, in her review of the book for MiddleWeb. Read her full review here

"Dr. Nicki Newton has provided a roadmap for teachers seeking to implement a workshop model for mathematics. Packed with practical strategies, clear explanations, and excellent examples, this book is a must-have resource for any teacher trying to make the most of every minute of their instructional time."

- Alison Mello, Math Consultant and K-8 Math Curriculum Director, Foxborough Public Schools, MA

"Math Workshop in Action shows how teachers can engage students in mathematics in a meaningful, rich way. The book provides practical guidance in initiating, supporting, and sustaining a true math workshop in the classroom where content and pedagogy are valued by all, success is fostered, and individual needs are met. At the end of each chapter, guiding questions offer opportunities for reflection and planing next steps. These questions are an invaluable tool for teachers and administrators embarking on or expanding their journey in utilizing the workshop model."

- Marissa Sciremammano, Director of Mathematics K-12, Farmingdale School District, NY

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