This chapter sampler on Online Course Design incorporates chapters from some of Routledge's leading titles on online teaching, including:

1. Chapter 2, "Elements of an Online Course: A Tour," from Essentials of Online Course Design by Marjorie Vai and Kristen Sosulski

2. Chapter 5, "Creating an Effective Online Syllabus," from Teaching Online by Susan Ko and Steve Rossen

3. Chapter 4, "Plan Out Your Course with OER," from Best Practices in Designing Courses with Open Educational Resources by Olena Zhadko and Susan Ko

4. Chapter 2, "Reconfiguring the Lecture," from Teaching History Online by John F. Lyons

5. Chapter 5, "The Beginning Weeks: Launching an Online Course," from Essentials of Online Teaching by Margaret Foley McCabe and Patricia González-Flores

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