Practical Photography Chapter Sampler

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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from books covering different practical and business aspects of photography, including:

1.  Chapter 1: Advancing Towards Photography: The Rise of the Reproduction from Seizing the Light, 3rd Edition by Robert Hirsch

2.  Chapter 1: What is Unit Photography? from The Photographer's Career Guide to Shooting Production Stills for Film and Television by Jace Downs

3.  Chapter 1: Light: The Beginning from Light — Science & Magic, 6th Edition by Fil Hunter, Steven Biver, Paul Fuqua, Robin Reid

4.  Chapter 1: Freelancing 101 from The Freelance Photographer's Guide to Success by Todd Bigelow

5.  Chapter 1: Botanicals as Toners from Cyanotype Toning: Using Botanicals to Tone Blueprints Naturally by Annette Golaz

6.  Chapter 1: Why We Make Pictures from Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age, 3rd Edition by Robert Hirsch 

7.  Chapter 1: What is Photography? from Langford's Basic Photography: The Guide for Serious Photographers, 10th Edition by Anna Fox, Richard Sawdon Smith