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Featuring some of the most well known names in K-12 Education and rooted in tried and tested classroom practice, our practical books support teacher and leader development at every stage of learning. Whether there is a particular area of focus in your school or you're looking for a broad range of professional development books to support your staff, our educator-written and affordable titles are here to help!

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We offer discounts for schools when purchasing directly with Routledge. Whether you're looking to buy a selection of books or a particular title for all your staff then get in touch for a quote. To discuss these options, please contact us.

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Looking for something in particular? Browse our extensive catalog of practical books for teachers and school leaders from Routledge Eye On Education

Books for Educators

Supporting Your Students' Mental Health Toolkit

Supporting Student Mental Health Learn how to teach your students habits of self care and make classroom accommodations with chapters from Routledge Eye On Education titles. Access Free Toolkit

The Teacher Self-Care Toolkit

Teacher Self Care Learn how to look out for yourself, avoid toxic colleagues, and spread positive energy through your school and classroom with excerpts from Routledge Eye On Education top titles.Access Free Toolkit
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