Anyone interested in coding would do well to learn Python. It is a flexible, versatile, and highly efficient programming language.

This is the perfect free resource to help you get started. Containing carefully selected chapters from bestselling Python books, it begins with a brief tour of the basic elements and goes on to explain fundamental concepts such as data types. It also includes guidance on turtle graphics and how to apply Python for science and web development.



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What's included:

1.Python from Programming Language Exploration

2. Turtle Graphics from A Concise Introduction to Programming in Python

3. Types from A Functional Start to Computing with Python

4.Object Oriented Design from Discovering Computer Science: Interdisciplinary Problems, Principles, and Python Programming

5.Creating Packages with Python from Research Software Engineering with Python: Building software that makes research possible

6. Python for Web Development from Mastering Python for Web: A Beginner's Guide