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New Rachaël Draaisma Free Chapter Sampler Now Available

This new chapter sampler is based off of Rachaël Draaisma, a leader in the field of scentwork and signal training for horses. It aims to educate those who work with horses or who would like to learn more about how to interacte with horses, including veterinarians, behaviourists, trainers, animal-assisted therapists, equine physiotherapists, osteopaths, students or interested horse owner. 

Chapters included in this free chapter collection are as follows: 

Chapter 3: How to implement exploration in daily life from  Scentwork for Horses by Rachaël Draaisma

Chapter 5: Introducing scent tracking for horses from Scentwork for Horses by Rachaël Draaisma

Chapter 5: Application of calming signals: how do we help the horse? from  Language Signs and Calming Signals of Horses: Recognition and Application by Rachaël Draaisma

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