Radio & TV Broadcasting | Chapter Sampler

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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from books dicussing important aspects of broadcasting for radio, television, and podcasts, including:

1. Chapter 1: What You Need from Broadcast Journalism, 8th Edition by Peter Stewart and Ray Alexander

2. Chapter 1: Radio Style from The Radio Handbook by John Collins and Arran Bee

3. Chapter 1: Historicising the Music Documentary from Music Documentaries for Radio by Sam Coley

4. Chapter 1: Sport Broadcasting for Managers: Managerial Dimensions from Sport Broadcasting for Managers, edited by Hunter Fujak and Stephen Frawley

5. Chapter 1: Meet the Newsroom Team from Broadcast News in the Digital Age by Faith M. Sidlow and Kim Stephens

6. Chapter 1: Reporting on Latino/a/x Communities: Lessons to Learn from Reporting on Latino/a/x Communitites, edited by Teresa Puente, Jessica Retis, Amara Aguilar, and Jesus Ayala Rico

7. Chapter 1: History of Radio from Making Radio and Podcasts, 4th Edition, edited by Steve Ahern

8. Chapter 1: Day in the life of a news producer from A Complete Guide to Television, Field, and Digital Producing by Sally Ann Cruikshank, Christine C. Schenfelder, and Keonte Coleman