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Teaching Children's Literature, by Christine Leland, Mitzi Lewison, Jerome Harste

"If you are searching for a children’s literature text that speaks to issues beyond what is effective literature, this is the text that you should include in your teaching. Leland, Lewison and Harste have created a text that is practical and relies on sound research to provide a pathway to building connections with literature." - Kevin Cordi, Ohio Northern University, USA

Teaching with Children's Literature, by Margaret Vaughn, Dixie D. Massey, Elfrieda H. Hiebert

There is so much for children to learn, and literature is the gateway to that learning. From text structure to character motivations, children’s literature provides opportunities for students to question, explore, and experience. This book shows us how it is done--how we can develop students’ thinking as we select the materials they will read." - Douglas Fisher, PhD, Department of Educational Leadership, San Diego State University

  • Every chapter features case examples, reflection questions, and learning activities for teachers; appendices list exemplary children’s literature.

Comprehension First, by Claudia E Cornett

This book is about designing instruction that makes comprehension the priority in reading and in content area study. The comprehension model described responds to calls from literacy experts and professional organizations for inquiry-based instruction that prepares readers to be active meaning makers who are adept at both critical and creative thinking.

  • The book further describes how to orchestrate research-based best practices to build lessons and units around big ideas and important questions.

Featured Content:

Teaching the Best of Both Worlds: Four Top Tips for Integrating Content and Literacy

Sarah M. Lupo, Christine Hardigree and Emma S. Thacker, authors of Teaching Disciplinary Literacy in Grades K-6, discuss their four top tips for integrating both content and literacy in the elementary classroom.

Transdisciplinary Literacy for Third Millennial Students

In this blog Enrique A. Puig and Kathy S. Froelich, authors of Teaching K-12 Transdisciplinary Literacy, discuss the importance of transdisciplinary literacy.