Explore issues affecting women and LGBTQ students, queer theory, and gender inequality in higher education. Browse our collection of titles, chapter samplers, and blogs that address key topics like campus rape culture, the gender pay gap, and LGBTQ discrimination in higher education.


Featured Textbooks:

Trans Lives in a Globalizing World edited by J. Michael Ryan

This is an important contribution from a diverse group of established and emerging scholars seeking to position trans and transgender research in a global framework. It will be of key interest to researchers in Trans Studies, Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies, Cultural and Media Studies, Sociology, Politics, and Anthropology and for introductory courses in gender and LGBT issues.

  • This interdisciplinary collection presents an international range of topics spanning human rights and asylum seekers, to the Hijras of South Asia, and gender-affirming surgeries, and more.

Campus Rape Culture by Jennifer L. Huck

"Huck examines rape culture and rape myth acceptance in higher education through a series of studies. Currently, many in college and university settings are seeking to combat these issues in a meaningful way. If acted on appropriately, findings from this collection should help college and university communities become safer and protect their most vulnerable populations from sexual violence." - Jason D. Spraitz, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

  • Building on a four-year research project, this book demonstrates how an understanding of rape culture and of the falsity of rape myths amongst students and staff at university is often at odds with an understanding of the degree to which sexual assaults take place, and of why they take place.

Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Sport edited by Vikki Krane

"This book offers an insightful read for those looking to gain an in-depth understanding of the controversies around sex, gender and sexual identities, within both grassroots and elite sport contexts...This is a ‘must-read’ for anyone with an interest in sex, gender or sexuality within sport, whether it be for personal or academic interests."" - Hannah Kettley-Linsell, Loughborough University

  • Drawing on cultural studies perspectives, and with social justice at the heart of every chapter, the book discusses theory, policy, practice, and the experiences of LGBTIQ people in sport.

Featured Content:

The Origins of Pride

The origins of Pride were born out of revolution. A fight for liberation spotlighted police brutality toward the LGBTQ+ community in the United States. Read more about the origins of Pride and how Taylor & Francis is taking steps to support the LGBTQ+ community in 2022.

The irredeemable sexual: Or, what if queer theories are doomed to failure?

In this article, Lorenzo Bernini, author of Queer Theories: An Introduction, asks whether queer theories have redemptive intentions and examines their call for tolerance.

Key Issues for LGBTQ+ Communities in 2022 Chapter Sampler

This chapter sampler brings together selections from four of our Gender Studies titles from 2022 highlighting some of the many key issues affecting LGBTQ+ communities.


Issues Affecting Women and LGBTQ Students Chapter Sampler

This chapter sampler features excerpts from six books exploring the best ways to navigate issues affecting women and LGBTQ students.