Routledge FACETS Advances in Face Studies

Routledge/FACETS Advances in Face Studies offers a pioneering interdisciplinary collection of Open Access research. The series responds to the changing meaning of the human face: through the invention and diffusion of new visual technologies (digital photography, visual filters, as well as software for automatic face recognition); through the creation and establishment of novel genres of face representation (the selfie); and through new approaches to face perception, reading, and memorization (the ‘scrolling’ of faces on Tinder).

Offering an interdisciplinary but focused approach in the fields of communication studies, visual history, semiotics, phenomenology, visual anthropology, but also face perception studies and collection, analysis, and social contextualization of big data, the series will concentrate on the cultural and technological causes of these changes and their effects in terms of alterations in self-perception and communicative interaction.

The series will appeal to scholars and advanced students in the fields of communication studies, digital cultures studies, digital humanities, visual communication, linguistic anthropology, semiotic anthropology, cognitive linguistics, semiotics, ethnomethodology, cultural theory, cultural studies, visual studies, performance studies, and, to a more limited extent, philosophy of culture, hermeneutics, and ritual studies.