2021 FreeBook

Analytical Psychology and the Human Sciences FreeBook Cover

This FreeBook was curated by Routledge Mental Health and the IAJS as a companion to the 2021 IAJS Triannual Conference, sharing its theme of Analytical Psychology and the Human Sciences. The complementary e-book features six chapters by plenary and keynote speakers, which have been excerpted from Routledge books


Previous FreeBooks

Indeterminate States FreeBook Cover

Indeterminate States: Spaces 'betwixt and between' is a complimentary eBook featuring a selection of chapters from Routledge books and created in partnership with the IAJS for their 2018 conference.


Jung and the Other FreeBook Cover

Jung and the 'Other' : Encoutners in Depth Psychology elucidates and reflects upon the positioning of the 'other' in current and post-Jungian discourse. With chapter contributions from classic and contemporary Routledge books, this FreeBook explores the 2017 IAJS conference theme of 'The Spectre of the Other in Jungian Psychology.'