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BASEES Sampler

Showcasing recent book and journal content, we are pleased to offer you this FREE Slavonic & East European Studies sampler. It includes the following:

  1. Introduction from Art and Protest in Putin's Russia by Laurien Crump
  2. Chapter 8: 'The Putin regime: patrimonial media' from Freedom of Speech in Russia edited by Piotr Dutkiewicz, Sakwa Richard, Kulikov Vladimir
  3. Chapter 11: 'The move to capitalism and the alternatives' from The Capitalist Transformation of State Socialism by David Lane
  4. 'Identity in transformation: Russian speakers in Post-Soviet Ukrane' by Volodymyr Kulyk from Europe-Asia Studies
  5. 'The logic of competitive influence-seeking: Russia, Ukraine, and the conflict in Donbas' by Tatyana Malyarenko and Stefan Wolff from Post-Soviet Affairs

An essential read for scholars interested in all aspects of Russian, Soviet, post-Soviet and East European Studies in humanities and social science subjects.

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