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Free Professional Development Tools and Worksheets for Leaders

The School Leader's Toolkit Includes: 

Sample Advocacy Plan
by Robert Blackburn, Barbara R. Blackburn, and Ronald Williamson
from Advocacy from A to Z

Assessment for Trust Builders
Julie Peterson Combs, Stacey Edmonson, and Sandra Harris
from The Trust Factor: Strategies for School Leaders

Rubric Template for Gauging Progress Toward Rigor
by Ronald Williamson and Barbara R. Blackburn
from Rigor in Your School: A Toolkit for Leaders, 2nd Edition

A Guided Reflection: Remembering My Teacher Leadership Experiences
by Anita Pankake and Jesus Abrego, Jr.
from Lead with Me: A Principal’s Guide to Teacher Leadership, 2nd Edition

Audit of Teachers’, Schools’ and Districts’ Practices and Procedures
by Catherine Beck and Heidi Pace
from Leading Learning for ELL Students: Strategies for Success

Study Guide for Your First Year
by Todd Whitaker, Madeline Whitaker, and Katherine Whitaker
from Your First Year: How to Survive and Thrive as a New Teacher

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